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  • The Predator

    The Predator


    New rule for the "Predator" movies, apparently:
    Takes place on a jungle with a set of roguish badasses, with a mixture of supsense and action and a good dose of mystery and imagination? Rad.
    Urban setting, has more of a comedic, meta-ish tone, makes a point of going out of its way to build up and expand lore as to set up a franchise and/or features a Busey? Wack.

    From the moment I heard "Shane Black is doing a 'Predator'

  • Whitney



    My taste on music was pretty much decided on an early age, as I grew up listening to a lot of the music from the 70's and 80's from my dad's youth. Lots of Queen, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bowie, the likes of it. One that would only come up every now and then, but whose voice was enough to just absolutely hypnotize me from start to finish and leave an impact was Whitney Houston's. Her passion, her…

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  • Coco



    Alright, before anyone says I'm biased towards this movie for being mexican, lemme just state: yeah. No fucking shit I'm biased. This is a Pixar movie about Día de Muertos, Mexican traditions, heavy on Mexican cast, that the filmmakers have even described as a love letter to my country, that comes out just a few months after I lost my grandmother and whose protagonist even looks eerily like me when I was about 11, gee, ya think I would be…

  • Olaf's Frozen Adventure

    Olaf's Frozen Adventure


    Fun little story: people here in Mexico complained so much about having to watch a 21 minutes long "short" after already having to sit thru 15-20 minutes of trailers and ads, that Disney and all theaters apologized and removed it from all screenings for "Coco".

    I didn't even mind the damn thing, I think it's a decent and cute little holiday special... that has no business being in theaters seeing as to how it's 20 goddamn minutes long, but I'll…