A Boy Named Charlie Brown ★★★★

This animated feature is three times as long as any of the Peanuts holiday specials, and yet it somehow has even less plot than any of them. It feels like a half hour special that’s been padded out with weird artsy montages.

The little explorations of themes like what it’s like being a talentless failure and that of trying to make something of yourself are very fascinating and amusing, even if they’re not always at the forefront of the cartoon. I was not expecting this movie to be quite so psychedelic at times. There are many Yellow Submarine style, acid-infused visual sequences throughout. It is very weird.

That said, you can’t fault the film, since even with a lack of plot, the world of Charles Schulz and its vintage jazz soundscape is always a pleasant one to experience. The wit is sharp and the gags are adorable. Snoopy is so graceful when he ice skates and I love how Linus goes through withdrawals when he’s separated from his blanket.

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