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  • The Creatures

    The Creatures


    For a minute there, I thought it was going to go full-on Straw Dogs. A short time after that, it looked to be taking a The Wicker Man (1973) path. Those random closeups of crabs are effective in their spookiness. It’s kind of a quiet, languid horror film.

  • Wings



    See-sawing gently back and forth with Nadezhda on her lonely journey between her exciting past and her empty, dull present was at once mesmerizing and moving. Reminiscent sometimes of the dream sequences in Tarkovsky's Ivan's Childhood. I loved this.

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  • A Summer's Tale

    A Summer's Tale


    Excellent. Features some of the most brilliant, telling conversations in all of movie-land.

    Lots of guys on the dating scene in their early 20s will probably relate to Gaspard's indecision, his clumsiness with women, and his miscalculations dealing with the opposite sex - especially when juggling amorous candidates. Rohmer knows girls are master psychologists, able to work out exactly what a guy's thinking even before he speaks, sometimes before he realizes what he was thinking himself! Women are forever two steps ahead. Gaspard's the pathetic sucker in every man.

    (It's also quite obvious that Linklater is heavily into Rohmer!)

  • We Won't Grow Old Together

    We Won't Grow Old Together


    Almost killed me. I wanted to both punch his face in and smack her really hard. No self-esteem on her part, and both of them so sickeningly lost and desperate.*

    (* Not a criticism of the film's overall quality, though, which was good, I suppose. The story itself was just so horrendously tedious and frustrating to watch. I didn't enjoy the ride one bit.)