The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

The Devil All The Time, the movie that converted so many teenage fangirls of Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson into massive thriller mystery fans. I think those fangirls are in for a suprise as it is a bleak and quite long story of evil.

The movie is written and directed by Ocampos whose direction is quite enjoyable with some nice visuals aided by some great editing that helps the story feel a bit more connected and a nice mix of sounds from ominous score to old country tracks that usually fit and enhance the mood pretty well. The story is done in an interesting fashion as they all intertwine and do so for the most part in quite a succint and seemless manner that can help move from story to story quite well sometimes, despite some other people's story's however feeling wuite crammed and rushed. The acting was quite good, in particular for me were the couple (Jason Clarke, Rachel Keough) and both preacher's really personify the dramatic boisterous nature of some these passionate (and evil) loud-mouths to the screen, as well as Tom Holland shows a more serious side to good effect however with an inconsistent accent that sometimes fell off a bit for me.

Despite some positive qualities I found in this film, I also found myself having a few issues particularly with regards to screenplay. The character's in this movie aren't really that memorable, whether it's acting or script it didn't really work for me, there wasn't too much development in some and there was too much back story for more. This insistence on backstory that felt quite uneccesary to me really made this viewing feel tedious, some characters felt quite bland and one-dimensional and therefore I lacked some real emotion to most of the characters. The narration for me affected the tone of the film negatively as I felt it wasn't needed and took me out of the scenes a bit too much trying to make read out as a novel in times where I could've been more interested in it if it was portrayed simply as a film.

If you are simply interested in the film for the well-known plethora of talent attached to this film, this is a warning that this is a sombre film with slow-pacing and some brutal visuals. I already see that this is quite a polarizing film and I would lean towards the negative reviews more.

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