Her ★★★★½

Spike Jonze's fourth feature deliberates upon the concept of sentient melancholy and artificial longing. Themes which have before cropped up in his, Of Montreal-soundtracked, short - "I'm Here".

Discarding 50% of the letters from that film's title, Her plunges us into a muted, pastel world of intra-personal and inter-technologic dialogues. A world where, seemingly, even the most confidential tête-à-tête is falsified and invented. A world swirled by a backwards-glancing, affected lens. Yet a world that remains, stolidly, centered on our protagonist, insular within the frame.

Perhaps joy is enough.

Perhaps an intangible long distance relationship created from a face now faded is enough.

Perhaps introversion is enough.

Perhaps electronic connections are enough.

Perhaps bridges built between man and machine that spark the internal to surface and greet a face now emerging, to draw close the tangible and feed all five senses, to, finally, feel heart-leaping joy… is enough.

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