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  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay


    happy birthday to sarah paulson, although i'm not entirely sure i feel like she deserves it considering she once again broke my goddamn heart

  • Unrest



    It's been a few days since I watched this, but I needed to gather my thoughts before actually writing a review. Because I have to write a review. In fact, I'm in desperate need of it. So, while there's a big chance this will be a long, boring and messy review, I would very much appreciate if you took the time to at least try to read it. I would also very much appreciate it if you watched the documentary…

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  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs



    I probably shouldn't be surprised that this was great, but before I started watching this I was afraid my expectations were too high and that I would end up disappointed. It was so chillingly creepy and intense. Anthony Hopkins delivered what might be the most frightening performance of all time and Jodie Foster is perfect in the role as Clarice Starling. Looking at all the reviews, I feel like everything that there is to say have already been said. It was truly an incredible film.

  • Witness for the Prosecution

    Witness for the Prosecution


    Pardon my french, but goddamn it, THAT. FUCKING. ENDING! Near the end of the film, Charles Laughton's character said something like this: "I suspected something, but not that. Never that!" Well, that's exactly the feeling I was left it, and I was quite surprised that the film never have been spoiled for me before.

    Billy Wilder once again makes en excellent film, this time a courtroom drama. It's so well-written and there's never a dull moment. It's filled up with…