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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

so many things to say about this:
-not only han is back but he's now officially a dilf ? i never lose
-mia having more than 5 minutes of screentime and she's kicking ass ? my prayers have been answered
-letty with a bob haircut and dungarees THAT'S MY WIFE !!!!
-the line "they're not killers" in f&f7 gets funnier every movie considering roman killed 10 guys by himself in the first 10 minutes
-i'm mad that john cena & finn cole kinda look alike they ruined finn cole for me forever i think
-dom is definitely into milfs, him and queenie have mad chemistry
-i've said it in another review but you know this is real love when someone starts talking about a 10 second car to another person
-that last scene was so rude why do you want to make me cry so hard ?
-the mid credits scene YESSSS LET'S STIR SOME SHIT UP I'M READY !!!

In conclusion this movie saved cinema and, dare i say, humanity itself.

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