Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

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"Let the painter paint."

I'm afraid that I may have to revisit some of Jason Statham's filmography after watching this movie. Every other film I'd seen him in showed a lot more of his martial arts skills, and kept the acting to a minimum.

But maybe it's Guy Ritchie's unique touch that brings out a different feel. Statham here isn't just another out-for-blood mercenary, or simply a man doing his job. He's a man possessed. It's not the revenge that he needs. It's the need to look the man in the eye that he has to kill that he needs, and Ritchie and Statham do a great job of building up to that moment.

It's also a unique heist film, which would've been captivating on its own as well. And the non-linear storytelling helps the formulaic story stay interesting. There's a moment when the action is at a sheer high and then it comes to a screeching halt for far too long, but its final set piece and shootout scenes have enough moving parts in it to keep the adrenaline pumping until its satisfying conclusion.

This was a lot better than expected. A smart action film with a great story, and a surprising performance from Statham. Do more movies together guys. This works.

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