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  • Black Clover: The All Magic Knights Thanksgiving Festa

    Black Clover: The All Magic Knights Thanksgiving Festa


    Had a great time with this show. This show reeks of shonnen but this is exactly the fantasy junk food anime I needed. I really like the main character and the story is good enough to keep my attention for 163 episodes so far! The fights scene are a lot of fun and so is the humor. I'll make sure to keep on watching as it continues to air

  • Clannad



    This show was so slow. The first season was a struggle to get through I almost gave up watching it at the start of season 2. This show divulges into the stories of all the characters to the point where everything started to blurr together, however the main story with the main 3 characters is so strong I am sooo glad I stuck with the show. The entire show was leading up to those last few episodes which were so…

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  • Orange


    I got through more than halfway through this show before I could not take it any more. I really liked the concept and the supporting character. However where the show fell for me was the 2 main character, they were so stupid it was hard to watch, their dialogue did not feel natural and I hated each time they talked

  • Lovely Complex

    Lovely Complex


    This show was fine I liked the main 2 character and their progression. However this show is a SLOW burner, I'm talking leave it the oven for 12 hours on low heat. The story was a little generic and boring at times but I still had a fun with it