Ratatouille ★★★★★

THIS MOVIE WAS A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE FOR ME! it was an amazing movie! it was enchanting! i love america but americans wouldn't know genuine enchantment if it fucked them in the ass, do you know what i mean? a rat that played a chef - there's nothing better than that. what do people like? you know, they like finding nemo, you know what i say? fuck finding nemo! fuck finding nemo! now they're doing a finding dory, the sequel, they're going to try and find dory- SPOILER ALERT SHE'S DEAD! how long does a fish live? so stupid! unbelievable! i went to disneyland (this is the truth) i went to disneyland recently and there's a whole land devoted to that stupid piece of shit cars movie and there's not ONE piece of evidence that ratatouille ever existed. there's a food court! have rats - pictures of rats - making pizza! it's unbelievable! i paid $100 to get in there and then they don't have the decency to offer me some type of ride where i can sit on some sort of phenomenal rat? ASSHOLES.

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