The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★½

Right from the start, The Legend of Tarzan makes the mistake of assuming that we are already invested in the characters. Yes, we all know the classic story, but this interpretation starts off as if it were already a sequel--and the forgettable flashbacks do little to make up for it.

Once Tarzan (who is more Spider-Man than ape man) returns to the jungle, the film sets off a chain of insubstantial scenes with Samuel L. Jackson as comic relief and Christoph Waltz being typically villainous. While the cast is alright, the story is slow-moving, dull, and predictable, ultimately leaving it dry of the energy that it so desperately needs.

That being said, there are glimmers of an exciting adventure film that happen to shine through, particularly Tarzan's agile acrobatics, his tense relationship with his ape family, and the climatic stampede at the end.

While it's not a terrible film--nor a great one--it is a middling outing that is both limited by its source material as well as failing to service it.

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