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  • The Farmer's Wife

    The Farmer's Wife

    So if you're checking this one out you're either super old or followed a similar path as me:

    1. Watch a really good PBS doc
    2. "Gee, PBS have some great documentaries sometimes, and they're all free on their site!"
    3. [Googles "best Frontline docs"]
    4. Realise you've seen a lot of the best ones and a lot of the others are about major events
    5. "...what the hell is the Farmer's Wife? it has amazing reviews everywhere it has…

  • The Gate of Heavenly Peace

    The Gate of Heavenly Peace

    Ooooh, surprised this has no reviews! (especially considering it has been on YouTube for years)

    I approached it with a somewhat guarded attitude considering the amount of controversy it seemed to generate but yeah, it's good stuff! Considering the surprisingly small number of documentaries of any kind surrounding the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, the majority of which seem to focus on Tank Man, it's fortunate that there's one this detailed with as many key parties featured.

    It's a pretty…