• James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket
  • SubUrbia


    I'd totally go to an all-night marathon of films that take place over one night

  • The Wrestling Road Diaries

    The Wrestling Road Diaries

    I hope Bryan liked that Townes Van Zandt record he buys in this, it's a peach!

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    It was good and all, but I can't be totally positive about a film that manages to leave me exiting the theatre utterly in awe of a totally different film.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse

    Given the aspect ratio and extreme high contrast monochromatic shots throughout, if you're gonna see this I'd STRONGLY recommend seeing this somewhere that has curtains.

    Was pretty hard the whole way through the film to know where the frame actually was

  • Morning Sun

    Morning Sun

    "I want to be a revolutionary bolt that will never rust" is an amazing line to be in an old propaganda film

  • To Sleep with Anger

    To Sleep with Anger

    Basically a whole film of Danny Glover sauntering around a house being passive aggressive and stirring shit up between people he hasn't seen in years; what's not to like?!

    Not sure if it was totally earned, but I loved the ending too.

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    First, let's get this out of the way, de-aged De Niro both looked and moved like a character from a David Cage game (I'm thinking Heavy Rain) for the the first half of the film.

    The whole film was kinda weird tbh, like a film Scorsese and De Niro wanted to do years and years ago and only got the chance to now but instead of recasting and working with the people available now he decided to use the technology…

  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams

    Cave of Forgotten Dreams

    Finally got some use out of my projector's 3D functionality! Accidentally watched the first half in 2D before realising my mistake and going back to the beginning, which gives you an idea of how crap I expect 3D to be.. 

    For most of the film it's a huge distraction (very little care put into how disorienting some of the interview shots will be), but totally worth it for the shots of the cave walls. 2D totally misses a huge amount…

  • Private Life

    Private Life

    Tamara Jenkins feels like the kind of director who could be knocking out quite good slice-of-life indies every 18 months. Instead she seems to take a decade each on those exact same projects kind of projects and put out pretty much the exact same film as if were raced through but with considerably more polish and maybe 15-30 minutes of bloat. Kinda think the closing credits choice was a bit of a manipulative move that glosses over how lacking in…

  • Small Soldiers

    Small Soldiers

    First time my dad saw a film with surround sound, he was pretty annoyed that he couldn't sleep through it.

    I absolutely lapped this absolute cash grab Toy Story influenced merch-driven Gremlins redo, and I bet I still would tbh. Dante was a great low-key weirdo director.

  • Flubber


    New cinema had just opened the day before and there was a queue outside for Titanic. I had never seen a queue OUTSIDE a cinema before.

    Surround sound was definitely not installed yet on the screen I saw this in, my dad slept through the whole thing.