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  • Just Follow Law

    Just Follow Law


    I haven't really watched any Jack Neo films, but reading about him and finally watching one, I've quickly understood the allure of Jack Neo. His films are very localised comedies designed to critique stereotypes and caricatures of Singaporean culture. With Just Follow Law, he critiques the bureaucracy and the rigidity of Singaporean work life.

    Gurmit Singh plays Lim Teng Zui, a typical "ah beng" who works as a technician for a generic government linked company, Work Allocation Singapore (WAS). Single…

  • Revenge of the Pontianak

    Revenge of the Pontianak


    Watched this movie a while back, so review will be short

    A Singaporean take on a Malay folk ghost story, Revenge of the Pontianak presents a cliche horror film that is more funny than scary. Right from the start, everyone has figured out the plot, and that's pretty much it.

    As much as there's some nice cinematography around the house of Khalid (Remy Ishak) and the village, the overall village setting and his choice to stay there (and bring his wife there) doesn't make much sense.

    Ending sequence almost seems as if it was designed to inspire laughs from cynical members of the audience.

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  • 1917



    1917 is an immersive war movie, not too dissimilar to Dunkirk. But in a lot of ways, it is very different from Dunkirk and both still manage to successfully bring about an immersive war movie portraying the horrors, thrill and camaraderie of war.

    Essentially a one-shot movie through the clever use of CGI, editing and set/camera design, 1917 tells the story of two World War 1 British soldiers tasked with delivering a message to another unit.

    Sets and locations somehow…

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    At the start of the film, there is a scene where the Millennium Falcon piloted by Poe Dameron zips in light speed a few consecutive times to evade First Order TIE fighters, against the advice of Rey. While they successfully evade the TIE fighters, they return to base with a literal burning Falcon.

    The scene is a perfect analogy for The Rise of Skywalker--with the Falcon being the movie, zipping randomly and at light speed through plot points, the TIE…