Piranha 3DD ★★½

I loved the shit out of the first, so i was straight out opening night for this. The first one had a great cast, great energy, looked and sounded fantastic, and the insane set piece of destruction and carnage was truly memorable.

Now this comes along. Its got none of the above. Its not scary at all, its a straight up, flat out comedy. The scope and scale is just gone, a small waterpark is not the ocean.

What we have is a series of cameos and a series of set piece gags. Thats what your getting, but the run time is short, so it just about gets away with it. The grossest of gross out funnies and The Hoff stealing the show. He hates gingers by the way, which gets it an extra star.

Boobs, blood, cocks and cameltoe, in shitty 3D.


Paying to see the tits and fish film and then ripping it a new one on the internet, I wont be laughing at your review, i'll be laughing at you.......

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