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  • The Lords of Salem

    The Lords of Salem


    Dear Mr Zombie,

    Thank you so much for your entry into the Rother Junior Film Maker competition, unfortunately, with so many entries from so many talented teenagers this year, you have not made the final 100.

    When making a horror movie in future, we advise you dont cast your wife (if she only has sex with you if you cast her in films, we suggest marriage guidance or a divorce).

    You should also consider ditching the cliche of the spooky…

  • 21 & Over

    21 & Over


    A steaming turd, so skull crushingly unfunny, you'll want to stick flaming knitting needles in your eyes before ever witnessing this monumental pile of wank ever again.

    Well done America, you've finally served up a shit that stinks as badly as Keith Lemon The Movie.

  • Evil Dead

    Evil Dead


    Lets look at the positives.....

    There's some fantastic gory deaths.

    Now the negatives.

    It's a cabin, in the woods. It's like a fucking tardis, at one point, someone is asked to come 'downstairs', from where?

    Then the characters, we're thankfully spared any real back story, there's no road trip to the cabin. But then, you dont care about any of them, so anytime they're not being killed, you dont give a toss about what's happening on screen.

    Plenty of nods…

  • Searching for Sugar Man

    Searching for Sugar Man


    Went in blind to this, probably the best way.

    I'm told it is a little misleading in that his music wasn't just popular in South Africa, and what i really wanted to know was..........where did the money go.

    They had the record label boss squirming and lying through his teeth but never followed the trail to find out where it went. A shame, as presenting Rodriguez as impoverished and bereft of any earnings from his music you kind of want to know where the $$$ did end up.

    Worth a poke, even if you're not into his music or know anything about him.

  • Y Tu Mamá También

    Y Tu Mamá También


    Fantastic road movie, funny, moving and ridiculously entertaining.

    One for your radar if you've not seen it.

    The perfect antitdote to shit US teen comedies.

  • The Spirit of '45

    The Spirit of '45


    A look back at post-war Britain and the governments nationalisation of pretty much everything, followed by Thatcher dismantling it all.

    Some sensible and measured (left wing) opinions, interspered with deluded hard core lefties spouting propoganda and painting a picture that never existed outside their deluded minds.

    Thers no balance, but Loach was never going to give you any.

    For fans of the "Werkin Klass"

  • Movie 43

    Movie 43

    Forgot i watched this......

    Though not as much as the cast will want to forget appearing in it.

    Kate Winslet's agent, dead in a ditch, surely?

  • The Man Next Door

    The Man Next Door


    What an unexpected treat this was.

    A simple neighbourly dispute over a window, seems like the flimsiest of set-ups for a feature film, yet.....the director delivers both a quirky, comedic and thrilling ride. The way you are manipulated in your feelings towards the two protagonists is deft and subtle, and wonderfully effective.

    You'll be rooting for both, one of them and none of any given point.

    The scene with the god awful avant garde electronic music playing, is absolutely…

  • Wish You Were Here

    Wish You Were Here


    Thoroughtly enjoyable thriller from Australia.

    Four people take a holiday to Cambodia but only three return, we're then treated to a cleverly unfolding set of events and flashbacks...

    Dark, smart and and keeps you in the game right until the end.
    Probably my favourite Australian film of all time now. The performances are all excellent and it looks great too.

    Well worth your time people.

  • How I Ended This Summer

    How I Ended This Summer


    This might be the most frustrating film I've ever seen.

    Theres a pivotal moment in the story, that left me actually shouting at the screen for some time after......

    If you havent, absolutely get it on the watchlist, and do let me know if you end up pulling your hair out too....

  • Oblivion



    There's only three main characters, the film is over 2 hours long, and you're still not given enough to be invested in any of them.

    It sets up the end, and then another hour grinds it's way across the screen. It goes on and on and on....

    With no characters to care about and an incomprehensible and muddled story, it's time to fire up the twists, and then more twists and then more.....

    You will have no fun at all, apart from when you actually start laughing as the twists pile up.

    "Are we an effective team?"

    Not even close.

  • Vulgaria



    Expected so much.....and got so little.

    It's pretty hard to misfire when you're doing donkey fucking jokes, and yet, somehow they do just that.

    Not as vulgar, shocking or funny as any of the blurb would have you think.