i watch non-queer media every once in a while

Favorite films

  • Mommy
  • Girl, Interrupted
  • A Separation
  • The Hunt

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  • The Swimmers


  • Slumberland


  • Deadstream


  • What Josiah Saw


Recent reviews

  • The Swimmers

    The Swimmers


    I’m a mechanical engineer in my first year (so basically not then, got it)

  • Slumberland



    Graphics were really well done, Nemo looks like the Gen Z version of Saoirse Ronan. Cute story but the part where they had let the nightmare chase them before wishing was so frustrating.

Popular reviews

  • Cherry Magic! THE MOVIE

    Cherry Magic! THE MOVIE


    This was so needlessly sweet and warm and pleasant and respectful to the source material, places Kurodachi on an upward trajectory and makes us fall in love with them all over again. I just felt so giddy watching this and isn't that the point of movies, to make you feel something?

    P.S. Eiji Akaso I love you if you’re reading this i am free on thursday night. if you would like to hang out i am free on thursday night…

  • Barbarian



    Was not going to risk my life for some fuckass named Keith!

    Plot-wise, incredibly frustrating! You tell me you were trapped in a cage forced to nurse God knows what from an inbred monster with some dead child issues and your first instinct is go back to where you were trapped??? To save a person you don't know, who mind you was getting out on his own either way and even shot you???

    Having savior complex in horror is so annoying.