My Own Private Idaho ★★★★★

I could love someone even if I wasn't paid for it. I love you, and you don't pay me.

for me, there's two ways love can be (on an idealized form, ofc): there's this lila and pink palette, childish and fairy love which is very corny that you can almost actually feel like if you're spinning in a rose field; and then you get the raw and heartbroken side of it that comes with anger and having to get your feelings in line cause you can't share what you feel in the way you want it to with the person you love the most

and it's not only that heartache of being,,,, somehow rejected but also watching someone you love disappear from your life and grow (into a pretty much cold version of themselves) without you as if their presence didn't mean much for you and your day to day... when they find again (mike and scott) you can see that so much has changed, that the person mike has been, probably, missing is not even there anymore and that thing is something really scary: missing a version of a person you didn't even get to say goodbye

i've been destroyed and i can't stop thinking about this film

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