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  • The Amazonian Angel

    The Amazonian Angel


    “I live behind the moon.”

    let us make film in our image, after our likeness

    “it’s not just words or music - it’s a whole range of elements coming together and making something that didn’t exist before.“

    film in its purest form - handmade with freedom and from instinct. its own self contained examination of beauty and existence is plastered with free spirit. like watching life take its first steps or the first resemblance of a language being uttered. regardless of how well i understood this, it’s an unquestionable audiovisual tour de force, and something that resonated somewhere deep within me that i can’t describe.


  • Pather Panchali

    Pather Panchali


    “Was he even born to survive?”

    figured i might as well finally watch this in honor of ray’s 100th birthday, and now i’m just pissed at myself that i hadn’t watched this already. one of the most painterly visual experiences you can find in cinema - the montage before the monsoon is exquisite - and the score is impeccable. considering the runtime, it’s slow and retains a consistent plotlessness, but it’s never boring. i’ve already watched this video countless times, and the…

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  • Sensation of the Century

    Sensation of the Century


    “It’s a perfect day. Friends have come together from around the world.”

    surprisingly competent considering that this is a butchered version of tokyo olympiad that shifts its focus off of its artistic brilliance and humanity and replaces it with alright journalism and a healthy dose of nationalism. still a butchered version of tokyo olympiad, though, no matter how striking the repurposed visuals are, but at the same time the further this went on the more it grew on me, and by…

  • Six Men Getting Sick

    Six Men Getting Sick


    *no dialogue in the entire thing so idk*

    sometimes you can just tell that something is the first thing that someone made, but this is the first thing david motherfucking lynch made so you know that it’s good.


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  • The Tatami Galaxy

    The Tatami Galaxy


    “That was my first contact with Ozu, as well as my worst contact.”

    might watch this again so i could actually look at the animation and visuals instead of speed reading the subtitles; slow the fuck down, man


  • The Man Without Gravity

    The Man Without Gravity


    “Mom, I made an angel!”

    warmed my heart not just because of how unique this movie is but that Netflix is actually trying to get good movies (can’t wait for Marriage Story and The Irishman and I’m Thinking Of Ending Things). there’s always going to be hesitation going into something like this just because of how many directions it could go in, but it’s very obvious that the cast were very invested in making this film the best it possibly…