Whiplash ★★★★½

So Andrew basically takes abuse and is rewarded for it? Am I reading into this wrong? Jay Jonah Jameson is an asshole the whole movie and when you're finally like "ah so he's accidentally a massive asshole but he has good intentions" he goes "no actually let's play some rando song". So he's a dickhead? But no the whole film gives credit to Jameson, he pressured Peter Parker so he's the king. Fuck the guy with the medical condition, why would he suceed? Shouldn't have been born with that I guess uh? Uh oh, underlying ableism? IN A CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED MOVIE? Just another day in Hollywood if you have an eye for the stuff, and let's just say I was born with an eye for the stuff.

Brilliant movie but the ending is a bunch of shit really, was hoping Andy was gonna either kill Fletcher, or show him up in one of his performances like a character from planet earth but no he goes back to him

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