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  • Helvetica



    Fawning documentary about a font. Talking head interviews with geeking-out typologists who are difficult not to feel oafish affection for. Visual designers, sensitized as they are to their craft, seem to routinely overstate the grand import of their work in threading together the sightlines of the urban experience. Everyone sees Helvetica everywhere is the thundering refrain, but within two days of this viewing I'd forgotten all about it, and fonts were just fonts again.

  • Art & Copy

    Art & Copy


    A bit onanistic, and narrow in its focus on the elite advertising firms that produce the small percentage of ads that are (nominally) culturally interesting rather than, you know, ads. What's here is good and fine, but it's tough to really love an "art" form that is virulent, ubiquitous and mainly concerned with stoking the fever of consumption. Counterpoint: this describes a lot of the big Hollywood blockbusters I shell out money for and sometimes love, and advertising can tap…

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    This Mass Effect reskin of The Avengers has moments of genuine humor and poignancy, and a few characters who show a spark of personality. At one point the angry raccoon starts crying and it would have taken a harder heart than mine not to well up a little.

    In the early part of the film there's also a lot of really stunning outer-space imagery, like an orbiting mining station built out of the colossal skull of some elder god. But…

  • When Marnie Was There

    When Marnie Was There


    I saw When Marnie Was There this morning. By evening I was on my way to the theater to see it again. That's a first for me.

    It wasn't just that my local cinema provided both dubbed and subtitled screenings. Sure, I wanted to see both versions. But more than that, I wanted to return to the world of this movie because it stirred some deep nerve cluster that connected my childhood to my adulthood. That's a quality that I've…