Vice ★★½

Vice wants to replicate the positives of The Big Short with an ambitious but ultimately unfocused style. It could be useful as a basic primer into the broad strokes of the life of Dick Cheney and the greatest shits of the Bush years, but it falls short of any actual depth in its subject matter because it's too busy making jokes about how shitty Bush and Cheney are. The result is a movie more interested in being polemic rather than insightful. I think it would have worked better depicting a small selection of Cheney's life rendered with detail and purpose rather than a smattering of two-minute reenactments of small moments over the course of 50 years.

There is something to be said for how infectiously angry this movie is, and in the days of Trump I'm sure it's very cathartic to have a movie about how the Bush years sucked dick, but none of the points it makes in that anger are interesting enough to justify how on-the-nose all the visual associations and thematic elements are. Watching good actors do decent impressions of public figures I recognize is fun, but mostly in so far as it had all the texture of a good meaty movie about the Bush years, which I spent the majority of this movie wishing I was watching.