Annayum Rasoolum ★★★★½

This one totally broke my heart! Rasool's innocence and Anna's timorous nature became the soul of this movie and how! The 10 minutes of the movie where they are away and happy is really the best part of the movie and I must say the best looking part of the movie. If one had to be super romantic about the movie, one could say that they lived a life time in the couple of days they eloped and lived in hiding.

Fahad Fasil is one brilliant actor! Hats off! He manages to bring in such tenderness and innocence in his eyes and gaze. If not for that brilliant performance, I wouldn't be this heart broken!

The audience almost always figures out whether a romantic movie is gonna have a sad ending or a happy one. The happy ones are easier to watch cause despite the most horrid of obstacles, the end is gonna be a happy one and so you don't really hold your breath! But sad endings are just crazy! Cause the moment the characters start having happy moments, as an audience you start anticipating what is going to go wrong and how!!?!?! This movie jus gave me a huge blow. And the couple almost made it. This movie is one of a kind that makes you want to rewrite the script just to give these beautiful characters a happy ending! My!

I didn't expect this imapct! Hats off Rajeev Ravi!

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