Shazam! ★★★★½

I finally got to watch Shazam! This is maybe the movie that I was the most excited to watch and not because of the character, I did not know him, but for Zachary Levi, I've been his fan since Chuck. it was the first TV show I watched complete. I made my whole family watch and I loved it completely. I'll stop talking about chuck because this is about SHAZAM.
When I heard about the movie, I went to look for this story and read some comics (I never had comics before) I love Billy Batson, he is such a dear and related character for so many children.
A few things I need to talk:

-The soudtrack is EVERYTHING.
-The chemistry between the main actors is incredible and a lot of fun to watch.
- the shazam family is hot right? (I had to talk about it)

this is the movie that every child should watch, this is the super hero of every child I am sad because I have not made so much profit at the box office.
is easily the best superhero movie of the year, thank you DC.

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