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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut

    Power, wealth, privilege, class distinction, moral corruption, sexual oppression, marital dysfunction, subconscious and unconscious desire, male ignorance, paranoia and jealousy, female exploitation, servitude and whoredom, Christmas consumerism... In his last film, Kubrick fired in all directions, and this dream odyssey in the depths of a man's damaged psyche is his (and everyone's) ultimate swan-song and testament.

  • Zodiac



    There's evil in this world.

    If "Se7en" was a film about accepting the true nature of evil, "Zodiac" goes further in the dark claiming we can no longer do anything to prevent it. Fincher returns to the scene of the crime for his magnum opus, indicating a society betrayed by its own faith in the power of information. At the peak of the filmmaker's fatalism, three decades of fear and loathing in San Francisco, of meticulous research and multiple dead…