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  • The Boxer's Omen

    The Boxer's Omen


    I lack the knowledge to understand whatever substance there is to this film, but the style is overwhelmingly, uniquely, intoxicatingly relentless.

  • King Lear

    King Lear

    Week 29. A film starring Ian McKellen

    One step up from a filmed stage production, which I always find difficult to rate. The DVD doesn't have subtitles, so it got difficult to follow at points, especially considering the edition they used varied from the SparkNotes. But the acting was solid across the board; I especially liked the tenderness that Kent and the Fool show for Lear.

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Rewatched almost a year after first seeing in theaters to find out if It Holds Up, happy to report that It Doesn't Disappoint. The jump scares that I knew to anticipate were still creepy, and the ones I forgot about (the guy on the roof) gave me a few new white hairs. A concept like this film's requires a director with a transcendent sense of mise-en-scene like Mitchell, because you spend so many scenes focused on the background as much…

  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    More movies where sexism is depicted as a pervasive atmospheric discomfort, instead of One Clearly Defined Issue/Person.

    More movies about groups of women supporting each other, professionally and emotionally.

    More movies with complex black women as the protagonists.

    More movies where the local hangout is better than the soulless corporate tentacle in some respects but it's still not great, because the boss is still a boss.

    More movies with butch women who don't exist as a joke or a threat to feminine women.

    More screaming.