The Illinois Parables

The Illinois Parables ★★★★

I've lived in Chicago for almost 4 years, but I've not yet ventured more than one county outside the city within the state. I'm starting to feel like a Chicagoan, but definitely not an Illinoisan. In that sense, I felt removed from this film, ironic considering that exodus is a recurring theme. The rural areas I am familiar with are in the mid Atlantic region, so a lot of the locations felt strange and uncanny (eg. the birdsong felt off). The film reminded me of Weird NJ, which I would buy and read periodically when I lived there, as both are projects dedicated to preserving local history and prioritize the accounts of regular folk as much (if not more than) official plaques. If nothing else, it was a lesson for me that I'm not living on an island in the middle of a void peppered by Walmarts.

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