52 Films by People of Color

Doing the #52FilmsByWomen challenge in 2016 was an interesting experience, I've decided to carry on in the spirit of supporting directors from marginalized groups and watch 52 films by people of color in 2017.

Some sub-challenges I'm setting for myself:
- no more than 10 Japanese films (7/10)
- no more than 21 films with English as the primary language (25/21)
- at least 2 blaxploitation films (1/2)
- at least 2 Hong Kong action films (2/2)
- at least 3 indigenous directors (3/3)
- at least 5 new feature length releases (10/5)
- at least 10 female directors (12/10)

The films I've seen in their entirety start with After Life. Films listed before are ones I partially watched.