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  • The Gospel According to Matthew
  • Angel
  • Francisca
  • Written on the Wind

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  • Bad Education


  • Wagon Master


  • Dark Waters


  • Trans-Europ-Express


Recent reviews

  • Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo

    Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo


    This seems to be going on forever without much happening beyond posturing, and I never really got the feel for the relation between Zatoichi and Yojimbo more than for some other dual relationships in prior installments.

  • Zatoichi and the Chess Expert

    Zatoichi and the Chess Expert


    Misumi turns out to have directed the most interesting Zatoichi films by far for me, by infusing weighty personal stakes and fleshing out villains with more than one dimension. Here, Zatoichi is desperate for friends but held back by memories and overtaken by reality. The moment where Zatoichi leaves his nemesis alone in the room is the most tense in the series so far.

Popular reviews

  • Brother


    Very interesting film about a young man who comes to St Petersburg to help his brother. His brother is a hitman who gets into trouble with one of his assignments and only Danila (Sergey Bodrov Jr) is able to help him out. The plot is very standard, its just a crime film, but the way in which Balabanov presents the St Petersburg of 1997 is masterful. This film is set in about the year the film was shot, in a…

  • Welcome, or No Trespassing

    Welcome, or No Trespassing


    Soviet cinema has delivered a lot of gems, many of them unknown to the public at large. This might be the most hidden of them all. Welcome, or No Tresspassing is the first feature by Elem Klimov, mainly known for his war film Come and See. That film is considered to be a masterpiece and the main criticism I often read is that it appears to be Soviet propaganda. I disagree with that as it fails to tick nearly all…