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  • That Cold Day in the Park

    That Cold Day in the Park


    Weird movie, I didn't care for it.
    Though the park in question is actually the same one I played in in my childhood, so that was cool.

  • Stuck on You

    Stuck on You


    It might be unlikely, but it is my firm belief that the Farrely Brothers are masters of making socially conscious films. This film, along with the underrated "Shallow Hal" delve into social issues without being burdened down by political correctness, and the end result is something much more human and authentic than the holier than thou virtue signalling movies that Hollywood would usually put out about this or similar subjects.

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  • Inception



    Despite the opinions of one Lights Camera Jackass , who states that the film is way too "complicated" for him, anyone with a hint of actual intelligence must admit that Inception is, in fact, pretty fucking great.

  • Triumph of the Will

    Triumph of the Will


    Pretty well made movie, but the main character is literally Hitler.