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  • Desperate Measures

    Desperate Measures



  • Justice League

    Justice League


    Well that was a disappointment.
    So much wrong with this.
    The villain looked like a World of Warcraft villain. Like the CGI literally looked like a video game, not a movie.
    Batman was completely emasculated.
    The Flash was an obnoxious comic-relief prick.
    Wonder Woman was OK, I guess..?
    Merman and Cyborg- I got nothing. They're complete non-characters.
    Superman was actually good.
    Pacing was terrible. The first hour was a drag to get through.
    The plot wasn't explained very well- what…

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  • Inception



    Despite the opinions of one Lights Camera Jackass , who states that the film is way too "complicated" for him, anyone with a hint of actual intelligence must admit that Inception is, in fact, pretty fucking great.

  • Insomnia



    A Christopher Nolan film that is underrated? Can it be?
    Yes it can. Great thriller that deserves more praise.