Halloween ★½

Notorious serial killer Michael Myers is about to be transported to another psychiatric facility after 40 years of incarceration. He manages to escape during the transfer and goes back to Haddonfield, and after Laurie Strode and her family. Only this time Laurie is more than prepared to confront her nemesis.

No, no, no, hell no!!! No way this travesty is a worthy sequel to the original "Halloween". To even compare these two films is an insult to John Carpenter and all the fans of his seminal masterpiece. Choke-full with cliches and plot holes, this feature would have been right at home at a discount dvd bin, not a theater. There are so many things I despise about it, I don't even know where to start. What aggravated me the most was the bastardization of Michael. In the original he was the perfect personification of evil that never dies. Here he is a second rate Bane, a superhuman psycho who snaps necks, rips off jaws, and lifts incredible weights without breaking a sweat. Sorry, but if I wanted to see a comic book supervillain, I'd go watch an MCU movie.
There is also the issue of Green lifting verbatim entire scenes from the 1978 version as some kind of homage. The problem is he does it in such a crass and indelicate way that the whole thing seems like a bad ripoff.

If there is something redeeming about this film it's the actors. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises the role that made her a household name with conviction. She cares about Laurie and it shows. And it's always a pleasure to see character actors like Will Paton and Judy Greer giving their best too. Haluk Bilinger begins promisingly but his character is so ridiculous that we eventually wish he'd just disappear.

There is nothing more I want to say about this chapter of "Halloween". I have no doubt that the creative minds behind it had the best intentions but the end result just makes me angry. IMHO, the underrated and largely forgotten H20 ended the franchise in a satisfying way.

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