Morbius ★½

A brilliant doctor suffering from a rare blood disease tries to find a cure by splicing together human and vampire bat DNA. He experiments on himself, and while the result is initially a resounding success, the side-effects are horrifying.

There is no sugarcoating when it comes to "Morbius". This is one of the worst comic book movies ever. It makes "Batman & Robin" look like "Citizen Kane". This flick has been massacred in the editing room, and boy does it show. The plot is borderline incomprehensible and the characters dull. The case of the villain is especially egregious. He turns on a dime into a sociopathic killer for absolutely no reason other than the fact that the film must have an antagonist. And we haven't even begun talking about the look of it. Besides the familiar brown sludge cinematography that makes it a struggle to see anything during the night scenes, the director also uses liberally both the shaky cam and seizure-inducing editing, making sure that the action scenes are as incoherent as the rest of the movie. Delightful.

If there is a reason this abomination doesn't get a big, fat zero, it's because the actors are committed to their roles and offer a modicum of entertainment. Leto is respectable as the tormented hero and Matt Smith has a lot of fun with a character that's otherwise abysmally written. And can someone explain to me why are Jared Harris and Tyrese in this picture?

I haven't had the displeasure to sit through a film as shoddily assembled as "Morbius" in a long time. Unless you are masochism-curious, avoid this dog like your life depends on it.

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