Insert Coin

Insert Coin ★★★★

At nearly 2 hours Insert Coin is jam packed with info from many Midway games. NARC, Cruis'n, Mortal Kombat, Even Revolution X and more.

So much good info, I wonder what was cut for time.

Apparently anyone who worked on War Gods were Restrained in a Medieval Pillory at the center of Chicago while villagers threw rotting fruit at them.

Ed Boon was sir not appearing in this doc.

It's a standard documentary format of talking heads and archival footage.

The editing could have used more pop in a few places. The 1st few seconds of footage is just a talking head. Feels very abrupt and flat. During each chapter number you have this count down. "Chapter 1: You have 10 credits" "Chapter 2: You have 9 credits." Once it hit 0 it's just "Insert Coin" to introduce the fall of Midways company. I think they could have shown it going from 1 to 0 and then dwell on "insert coin"

Insert Coin is obviously about the arcade games of Midway. The 2000s era of midway on console games was skipped over to Midways closure. When will we get the untold story of Midways classic 2000s era games like Freaky Flyers, Wheelman and Ed Edd n Eddy the game?