Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★

I red all the good reviews from my friends at Letterbox, and I was excited to finally find time to watch Bo Burnham: Inside... and I cannot believe that people liked it so much. There were few funny jokes but in 21st century we are still laughing at "fu*k" and "sh*t"? I could not believe...

I sat down to watch it with my wife, had Chinese subtitles, and after the fourth song she walked away saying: this is the same song and he just keep singing the different words - it is too boring! I didn't agree with that, but after 50 minutes I thought I had enough... I watched it to the end but those last 30 minutes, really felt like 3 hours to me!

It must be made for American audience - I just didn't find it interesting, funny or exciting!

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