Unexpected ★★★½

An interesting video on demand movie - a drama written by Kris Swanberg and Megan Mercier, starring Cobie Smulders as a 30-ish years old teacher at an inner city Chicago high school who unintentionally becomes pregnant. At the same time, one of her best students, Jasmine (Gail Bean), is also unexpectedly pregnant, and they establish unusual bond through the planning of their futures.

Smulders didn't have to fake anything in this movie because she was pregnant herself during the shooting of the film, and all of her doubts or insecurities about being a mother and bringing a life into this world where portrayed the best possible way. Another acting praise goes for the newcomer Gail Bean, which can steal the show portraying a whip smart teen, Jasmine. That performance of Jasmine was very strong and show us wisdom beyond her years...

I enjoyed it.