• Afterimages



    Different stories about ghosts, all connected through a mysterious offering burning for the dead by the film students… interesting… but still needs work to be watchable without snoozing!

  • The Last 10 Years

    The Last 10 Years


    Melodramatic, heart-wrenching, tear-jerking narrative directed by Michihito Fujii, is based on the true life and sad story of Ruka Kosaka whose novel The Last 10 Years (余命10年) was published in 2007. The writer suffered from an incurable disease and passed away in 2017.

    No words would do justice to such amazing acting, so just watch Nana Komatsu as Matsuri and Kentaro Sakaguchi as Kazuto… and try to tell me that you managed to see it without tearing eyes!

    Keisuke Imamura’s…

  • unINDIAN



    UNindian is a 2015 Australian movie, directed by Anupam Sharma and written by Thushy Sathi (screenplay) (story), Vikram Singh (additional script writer), Rohan Mirchandaney (additional story dialogue), Vikram Singh (Additional Writer), and Anupam Sharma. Here is the start of the troubled story... "too many cooks spoil the broth". Second BIG problem is casting a cricketer Brett Lee in a leading role! Would you send Dame Edna to play cricket? I do not think so... why is then all right to…

  • Elvis



    Baz Luhrmann is pretty safe bet for a director… the story written by Baz Luhrmann, Sam Bromell and Craig Pearce covers events from Elvis’ childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi to his rise to stardom starting in Memphis, Tennessee and his conquering of Las Vegas, Nevada.

    It was a well-made film showing Elvis Presley becoming the first rock ‘n roll star while changing the world around him with his music. Sadly, there is always a negative character in any of those success…

  • Market Day in Bitola

    Market Day in Bitola


    Chaotic, full with people... butchers are busy... goods are everywhere... interesting and one of the earliest footage from brothers Manaki.

  • A Wedding in Bitola

    A Wedding in Bitola


    This was a wedding of Mr Peter Gerasimovic, "the industrialist from Bitola", on 21 November 1926. Lots of cars, guests and famous people of that time... and brothers Manaki did make some money on this one!

  • Opening of the City Café in Bitola

    Opening of the City Café in Bitola


    Dignitaries, women with children... the world was more equal... nice footage...

  • The Reception of the Greek King and the Heir Pavle Made by General Bojovic in Bitola

    The Reception of the Greek King and the Heir Pavle Made by General Bojovic in Bitola


    This was the time of the new Kingdom of the Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians emerging on the Balkans... Greeks approved that... and Macedonian land was once again divided between the Greeks, Serbians and Bulgarians...

  • Alexander Karadjordjevic Visiting Bitola

    Alexander Karadjordjevic Visiting Bitola


    This was just before the creation of the Kingdom of Serbians, Croatians and Slovenians that later became Kingdom of Yugoslavia... and as you can see the "Southetn Serbs" as they liked to call Macedonians, had lots of Serbian flags... important for history lessons! This was nicely edited footage.

  • Grevena Church

    Grevena Church


    There is a lots of footage from Grevena or Grebena, an administrative center for the Western Macedonia, today in Greece but still with population that speaks the Slavic language... Greeks and Macedonians or any other Orthodox Christians never had a problem living together before... but today, when they are divided by political interests of the USA and other Western powers, divisions emerged and seem as a huge obstacle, impossible to overcome. This is very short ...

  • The Visit of the Sultan Mehmed the Fifth Reshad to Salonika

    The Visit of the Sultan Mehmed the Fifth Reshad to Salonika


    Nice shots of the sea, and the steamboats but the footage survived with lots of damage at the beginning... later everything is perfect. Sultan's shot in a carriage with a huge numbers of officers following... history lesson with no words, thanks to Yanaki Manaki and Milton Manaki!

  • Turkish Professor at the Agricultural School

    Turkish Professor at the Agricultural School


    Turkish professor helping the bull... mounting a cow... a quicky!