Peaky Blinders: The True Story

Peaky Blinders: The True Story ★★★★★

Oh.. And there is a woman. Yeha. A woman.. Who I love , and i got close, I nearly got f*** Everything! -
I can corroborate my claim that Peaky Blinders is the best crime series ever made. It's the perfect blend of story, acting, dialogues, background music, romance etc. However what makes it stand apart from the others is acting and dialogues. It's got an amazing cast Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Adrian Brody to name a few and Steven Knight to pen down some marvellous quotes.
Peaky Blinders takes on an odyssey of crime, money, power, politics that you've never been on. It's enchanting, distinctive, and unignorable. Cillian Murphy who plays the lead character of Thomas Shelby makes you fall in love with his an impeccable acting skills. Tom Hardy and Adrian Brody in their cameos have been exceptional and charismatic. Along with these actors everyone is perfect and irreplaceable and when this cast accompanies a great writing and music it makes a masterpiece like this.
now I'm eagerly awaiting sixth season.