Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

MCU - The Path So Far: Part Ten

Guardians of the Galaxy

Wooo! Personality! This has always been one of my favourites from the MCU just from the sheer uniqueness it has to the rest of the franchise. Gunn brings such a sense of excitement, fun, heart, and personality to this ragtag group of misfits that very quickly became a household name.

I remember the hype for this one being... nonexistent. People were super hesitant on it, myself included, in that it did not look like anything the MCU had before it. It looked weird, bizarre, and tonally off from the trailers. At least in my experience. BOY WAS I WRONG, and when I saw it in theatres for the first time back in 2014 all I needed was Andy Dwyer dancing under the film's title (which takes up 95% of the screen) to make me realize we were in for a funky, fun, and wiiiild ride.

Every one of the leads gives it their all and it is wholly believable that they can go from hating each other to family (looking at you, Suicide Squad). The villain is, again, a waste in favour of getting to know these five characters a little more, and that's okay. The banter between all of them more than makes up for the film's faults. Rocket is still my favourite (in this film), but Drax's humour is so dryly good that I can't help but laugh.

The action is bitchin', the soundtrack is rad as hell and full of absolute BANGERS, and Gunn balances the humour with the heart nearly effortlessly.

"You said it yourself, bitch, we're the Guardians of the Galaxy."
What more is there to say?

(Thank God Gunn is back for Vol. 3...)

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