Burning ★★★★

As a fan of Murakami, I'm in absolute awe that Chang-Dong was able to impeccably capture the feel and atmosphere that most of the author's stories seem to have. The eerie stillness, the mysterious anticipation, the peculiar ambience. While I haven't read the short story Burning is based on, I didn't need to to know that it was done justice. I felt the same way watching it as I do whilst reading his novels. The staples were there - a well, a cat, house phones, and AGGRESSIVE ambiguity. I won't say much because in my opinion this is a "go in blind" experience, but I was engrossed by the cinematography, the soundtrack (which strangely included a breathtaking use of a Miles Davis piece from the soundtrack for the film 'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud', which I watched this week) and the unrelenting air of uncertainty, aberrance, and ultimately loneliness. All three of the leads were also magnificent, so that didn't hurt. Gorgeous film.

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