Pastoral: To Die in the Country ★★★★★

To quote Nobuhiko Ōbayashi's masterpiece Hanagatami

"Was I truly alive back then?"

Or rather: was I ever?

Can I ever trust my memories, as my childhood gets distorted, twisted fantasies and ideals, colours against the monochrome abyss, my dreams and tragedies, all the years in Joni Mitchell's carousel of time

"It's life's illusions I recall"

And time keeps going on, burying the history - or so we wish, at least

Shūji Terayama To Die in the Country

You want change, and you want to change, but can you?

Can you escape? Escape... from what?

You just need to confront, face the past, as there is nothing you can do

Except for


Take that jump!

As for me...

Japanese cinema is the best.