The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

"Everybody's dead Mr. Sheeran"

*big brain mode activates* I love how the deaging effects look the worst and most artificial on De Niro, and how you can see his slower mobility in few more fast-paced scenes. You can remember some faces and places from the past, but your face? It's harder, and the image gets muddled, fuzzy. We don't play ourselves from the third-person perspective, so our past is only a reflection of the way we saw the world and not necessarily who we were or looked like. Pictures help, but can't replace memories - and how could they, only the greatest narcissists can fondly remember  themselves looking at the mirror.

At death's door with many decades behind, history is still there, but we can't change. In the still of the night, the last song's closing in. Can you truly remember how it felt to be younger when the past is your greatest burden, place your former self to your memories and forget the inescapable present?

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