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  • Blackhat



    Third cut (I originally saw the December '14 pre-release version, which Mann recut before it was dumped in Jan.). Can't specify too many of the changes, but the opening is different, beginning on a stock room floor, indicating that the people we think our controlling our lives (greedy bankers) aren't even the ones actually in control. The nuclear power plant blast is put back to 2/3rds of the way into the film, as it was in the pre-release version, which…

  • The Keep

    The Keep


    First time on 35, at a sold out show, no less. Not even convinced this is an obvious bad movie, even though its bad parts are obvious. Mann wanted to create a dreamlike film, and it's his one film where the plot really doesn't matter. (There's barely a second act, even though that's partly due to studio meddling.) Could groove on its atmosphere forever, even if it's sporadically upset by bad acting, most notably, as it were, some unforgettable ham…

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  • Welcome to the Punch

    Welcome to the Punch


    Review here. Still sad there's not a part where someone says, "Welcome to the punch!", then punches that person.

  • The Raid

    The Raid


    Guys, this is fine. I know some of you have made a point of resisting it, even walking out on it, and that's acceptable. But ass-kickers that not only deliver the goods but don't do much else but ass-kicking don't come around every day, or every year, or every decade. There's some backstabbing and a SHOCKING revelation or two, but it's never pointlessly byzantine, and it's really all about getting from one smackdown -- usually with the aid of objects,…