Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

I found the novel to be intriguing but the characters were tough to relate to. I hated Nick and Amy. They deserved each other and their fates. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly a huge fan.

Leave it to David Fincher to change my opinion. He cast a pair of likable, charismatic actors to flesh out Nick and Amy Dunne. Ben Affleck continues his impressive run with this nuanced, effective performance. "Gone Girl" has some of the best acting he has ever done. And I have to hand it to Rosamund Pike, who pulled off a very difficult character. I'm not a fan of hers as an actress, but I admire what she's done here.

It also helps that Fincher surrounded them with an impeccable cast of supporting actors. Notably Carrie Coon as Nick's sister Margo, Kim Dickens as the skeptical detective on the case and Tyler Perry as the lawyer who has plenty of experience in this game.

It's like David Fincher knew what was wrong with the "Gone Girl" novel, worked with Flynn to turn it around, and together they told a better story.

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