The Overnight

The Overnight ★★★★

How refreshing to see a comedy handle human sexuality in such a frank and candid way. Notice the terms "hetero" "bi" or "gay" were not even mentioned once in this film. Gender roles are blurred beautifully here as two married couples have a double date and their evening escalates into a wild night of self-discovery and sexual awakening.

Writer-Director Patrick Brice (who nailed it with CREEP earlier this year) proves yet again to be incredibly deft in handling tone. I was waiting for THE OVERNIGHT to dive into "creepy" territory as ulterior motives eventually surfaced, but the actors showcase an incredible sense of empathy and vulnerability. These are real people with deep, underlying sexual issues and the film has no intentions of sugar-coating it or even playing it for laughs. The insecurities of our characters are very real. Who doesn't have insecurities about their bodies or sexual performance? What couple doesn't struggle with sexual dynamics?

Even if the ending was a bit too pat, I still walked away extremely satisfied. THE OVERNIGHT is an insightful, thoughtful comedy, exploring some territory rarely mined in this genre.

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