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  • The Cranes Are Flying

    The Cranes Are Flying


    The camerawork, framing, direction, acting, & lighting, are all impecible. Seriously, how TF can a bulky 50s camera move like this? Only one other film came to mind - Soy Cuba - and I wasn't even surprised to find out it was the same director and cinematographer.

    Intimate-realism paired with striking & poetic imagery, it's feels decades ahead of its time. Incredible large scale set pieces. A proper masterpiece. Pure cinema.

    This could re-enter the Palme d'Or today and beat most modern movies. Unbelievable.

    SCORE: 9.5/10

  • The Decline

    The Decline


    Incredibly taut survival thriller with well-established and real/high stakes that are continually ratcheted up. Some enormous did-that-just-happen (?) moments that I had to skip back and rewatch.

    Quite gory, intense, visceral, natural, and a very punchy runtime. A fantastic surprise. Aka: The Decline

    SCORE: 9/10

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  • Bureau 39: Kim's Cash Machine

    Bureau 39: Kim's Cash Machine


    An in-depth look at how North Korea generates billions in dark money through illicit activities - to keep the regime afloat. Good-looking stock footage, strong structure, some expert options, defector testimonies, and new revelations (re: textiles) - there's a truckload of good info in here.

    Very slick, professional, tight & comprehensive - it's more "investigative journalism" than a typical documentary.

    SCORE: 7/10

  • Baxu and the Giants

    Baxu and the Giants


    Beautifully shot and impressively put together, this is an anti-poaching short film (30 mins) with tons of warmth & heart. Could have watched a feature length version of this; and would love to have seen more of the dream sequences - they looked fantastic. Simple and effective film-making.

    SCORE: 7/10

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  • The River

    The River


    Slow, nuanced & very authentic; this takes a long look at the relationship between men, women, and nature in modern Bolivia. Lots of great show-don't-tell scenes, and how quick/rash decisions have life-long consequences.

    Solid, engaging and fluid direction - Juan Pablo Rochter is one to watch.

    SCORE: 6.5/10

  • Time to Hunt

    Time to Hunt


    Story isn't particularly original, but it's effortlessly directed, well-acted, and the nail-biting score pushes tense scenes over the top. Genuinely can't emphasise enough how much the OST enhances this movie.

    The second half leans into horror tropes, and it's all rather gory. The heist section is particularly brilliant. Worth your time.

    SCORE: 7.5/10