• Deep Impact

    Deep Impact


    25 years ago today, DEEP IMPACT smashed into theatres...and made quite a splash. ☄️🌊

  • Pain & Gain

    Pain & Gain


    YES pain, YES gain. 💪 Inspired by an outrageous true story, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie star in Michael Bay’s PAIN & GAIN, released in theatres 10 years ago today.

  • Indecent Proposal

    Indecent Proposal


    30 years ago today, Indecent Proposal had everyone asking: What would you do for a million dollars? 💰

  • Teacher's Pet

    Teacher's Pet


    Stop the presses: this charming romantic comedy, pairing Clark Gable's sharp-edged metropolitan newspaperman with Doris Day's sweet-but-smart journalism professor, celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.

    Print media may be dead, but romcoms live forever. ❤️

  • April Fool's Day

    April Fool's Day


    With glorious 80s hair, a rich girl named Muffy St. John, and a twist worthy of its namesake holiday, APRIL FOOL'S DAY brings the 😱, the 😂 and the 🤔 in delightfully equal measure. Watch it today-- no joke!

  • The Quiet Man

    The Quiet Man


    Spend your St. Patrick’s Day with John Wayne in John Ford’s romantic comedy classic THE QUIET MAN. ☘️

    Featuring stunning photography of the lush Irish countryside (by Oscar-winning cinematographer Winton C. Hoch) and a fiery performance by Maureen O’Hara as the leading lass, The Quiet Man will have you feeling the luck of the Irish all year ‘round.

  • Office Christmas Party

    Office Christmas Party


    This. Party. Has. EVERYTHING:

    Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn doing elaborate choreo in giant snowman costumes…
    Kate McKinnon in multiple hideous sweaters…
    Jennifer Aniston making a SmartWater joke..
    a horseback-riding Jesus…

    …and an open bar.

    Happy non-denominational workplace holiday mixer to us all.

    Watch OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY on Blu-ray & Digital.

  • Scrooged



    Bill Murray’s first film after a four-year post-Ghostbusters hiatus finds him facing ghosts of a more festive nature in this perfectly 80s take on A Christmas Carol.

    Murray’s Frank Cross is a selfish, nasty (and often cross, frankly) TV exec who gets the three-ghost treatment in the form of a maniacal New York cab driver (David Johansen); a ditzy fairy (Carole Kane) with a penchant for pratfalls (“the truth hurts!); and, naturally, a ghoulish seven-foot messenger from the future who…

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    It’s just not the holidays without It's A Wonderful Life.

    Although Frank Capra’s A Christmas Carol-esque fable was not massive success when it was released in 1946, it’s since come to be regarded as one of the greatest films ever made, a wholesome Christmas classic beloved by generations. Unapologetically sentimental, but unafraid to deal with some darker realities, It’s A Wonderful Life’s charming performances by Jimmy Stewart, Henry Travers, and Donna Reed (not to mention Karolyn Grimes as the adorable Zuzu) will melt the heart of even the most cynical of cinephiles.

    Watch IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE on Blu-ray and Digital.

  • Last Holiday

    Last Holiday


    Loosely based on the 1950 Alec Guinness film of the same name, Queen Latifah sparkles as a woman living out her last days in extravagant style in LAST HOLIDAY.

    Filmed on location at the Grandhotel Pupp in the Czech Republic (often cited as the inspiration for Wes Andersen’s Grand Budapest Hotel), LAST HOLIDAY is overflowing with luxurious locations and famous faces, including LL Cool J, Giancarlo Esposito (aka Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring), Gerard Depardieu, Emeril Lagasse (yes, that Emeril), and even future Little Mermaid Halle Bailey in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it background appearance.

    This sweet, charming, warm-blanket-in-movie-form is now available on Blu-ray and Digital.

  • Bad Santa

    Bad Santa


    "Sandwiches, anyone?

    Billy Bob Thornton takes the “saint” out of St. Nick as a misanthropic conman whose yearly mall-theft scheme (involving a very dirty Santa costume) takes a turn toward merry mayhem when he inadvertently befriends a bullied kid.

    Be warned: Bad Santa is vulgar, dirty, disgusting, offensive…and somehow heartwarming?

    Watch BAD SANTA on Blu-ray and Digital.

  • 48 Hrs.

    48 Hrs.


    The laughs fly (almost) as much as the punches in this hilarious and action-packed two-hander.

    1982’s 48 HRS stars Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy as an unlikely duo: a rough-edged officer and convict on leave who team up to solve a crime in--wait for it--forty eight hours. (2 DAYS just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

    A genre-defining action comedy, 48 HRS represents several firsts: the first major “buddy cop” film; Joel Silver’s first producer credit; and Murphy’s film debut,…