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  • Waves



    I saw Waves again because obviously.

    I took a friend this time because I'm starting to feel like Waves is a soft event-film disguised as a mature family drama. I say this because audience participation is ridiculous. People feel sorrowful, gasp, chuckle, and it's honestly the sort of movie I desperately want to watch exclusively with a first-time audience.

    This second time around was a very different experience, too. A common critique I read was the over-reliance on licensed music,…

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    If you read my last review for Honey Boy, you'd have read how dudebros ruined my theater experience by talking, laughing, and doing who knows what in the back rows of my theater. I had to go get the manager because it was really distracting and also really inappropriate considering the content in this film.

    I missed about 5-8 minutes getting the manager and was ripped from the movie entirely. Immersion broken, I decided I would see Honey Boy a…

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    I heard you paint houses.

    This was a strange experience. My wife was working an extra shift and it was gonna be 3 hours so I decided to bite the bullet. I'd dive into Martin Scorsese's latest 3+ hour gangster epic.

    Not only did I embrace it with convenience, I paused it once to take a break and shower, paused it once to message a friend or two, and finally buckled up to finish it out.

    Then my wife gets…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    It showcases two performances that gladly help emphasize that actors have so much more to offer than spy-kicks and lazer-swords but ultimately it's a little too silly at certain points (especially the lawyer stuff) to really impact me emotionally.

    But also, this weekend I watched The Irishman, Honey Boy, and Waves, so I had a pretty emotional weekend already so maybe my body was simply numb. Although, my wife kinda agrees that this film left a fair bit to be desired.

    I think I liked Blue Valentine more as far as these kind of movies are concerned.