Tenet ★★★½

I don't really have much to say beyond the fact that this movie functions similar to that scene in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure in front of the police station AS WELL as the internet's favorite web-comic Homestuck (Karket/John's relationship in particular) to the point that I didn't find this movie confusing or overwhelming at all.

That is not to say that the editing isn't needlessly confusing. Like, you know, why the audio levels were so blisteringly terrible. I didn't need to hear everyone's dialogue because quite honestly Nolan films are more about a singular idea and how much you can use it. But, like... I care about the health of my hearing, and the reason I don't see IMAX is because IMAX blows my ear drums out so bad it's literally disorienting to drive home.

Apart from Dolby Cinema screenings genuinely being better (4K resolution and higher audio quality over IMAX's 2K and substandard audio), I was sorely disappointed that my Dolby Screening this time around was crackling trebles and coma-inducing bass tones.

For as many extra months as this movie had to be edited (of which it literally could have. David Lowery was extremely happy to have an extended post-production time for The Green Knight, and even Robert Eggers is outright improving the script for The Northman.), I don't know how Nolan got away with letting these audio levels before going gold.

Doesn't matter though. All that matters is that this is the most excellent fanfiction ever written for a Homestuck and Nolan you can't hide it we all know you read up to Act 4 and went, "Wow, that's brilliant! I should hire Hussie to cowrite this script!"

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