The Muppets ★★★★½

What's not to like about The Muppets? Funny, charming and endearing The Muppets work on all levels for all ages. This isn't the funniest film i've seen BUT I can't remember the last time I sat watching a film with a smile on my face for the whole 90mins.

All The Muppets gang are here including new edition Walter and I must say he is rather adorable. Jason Segel and Amy Adams are an item who are very twee and sickly but play it wonderfully and it totally works to the films credit. Also I must add, there are plenty of cameos but much of them are a case of blink and you'll miss them. I was surprised to see Dave Grohl's name in the credits as I hadn't noticed him at all in the film.

Of course this wouldn't be a Muppets film without the odd musical number and there are plenty on offer here. The song grabbing most of the attention is 'Man Or Muppet' but I have to say the winner for me is 'Life's a happy song', a real chaming little song that I still find myself singing around the house a week after I saw the film.

Like spending the afternoon with old friends is how I would describe the latest offering from The Muppets and I would be more than happy to see them again.

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