Hereditary ★★★★★

In preparation for Midsommar, I’m watching a select few horror favorites. So it’s obvious that I would start with this.

This was my favorite film of last year, and that hasn’t changed. I also declared it my favorite horror film ever made, and that hasn’t changed either. The only thing that’s changed in regards to this masterpiece is that it becomes somehow more interesting, more absorbing, and more rewarding every single time I watch it. It is the ultimate work of art— one that only improves and intrigues upon each viewing.

I sat for a moment after this viewing (I believe it’s now my seventh), and I asked myself “Is it crazy to think that this is the greatest horror film of all time?” I legitimately thought about it for a minute, and decided that it’s completely sane. And the truth.

If Midsommar is half as good as this it’ll still be better than any work of horror out there. Other than Hereditary.


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